for our LGBTQ+ neighbors

In the wake of national, state-level, and countywide attacks on LGBTQ+ folks, we know how critical safe, welcoming places can be. Pride Tab is a way to create and sustain safe spaces in Greenville, SC.

We know that doesn’t solve all the world’s problems. We don’t expect a free cup of coffee to fix the deep inequities caused by cisgender, heterosexual hegemony. Our ally donors will receive action alerts on how they can advocate and stand in solidarity with their LGBTQ+ neighbors.

If you need additional resources, we encourage you to reach out to our partners at Pride Link.

While the fight for equality continues, let’s keep you caffeinated along the way! Visit the following locations on their designated days to receive a coffee or tea drink of your choice. Just put it on our “Pride Tab.” It really is that easy.

One note: we are literally banking on folks acting in good conscience. If you are not a member of the LGBTQ+ community, please do not take advantage of this gift to our queer neighbors. To LGBTQ+ folks who do use the Pride Tab, please keep in mind that all LGBTQ+ folks are sharing the same financial pool generated by grassroots donations — getting a $10 drink with extra fabulous add ons might sound tasty, but it won’t allow us to successfully spread the love to as many folks as we’d like. As a guideline, try to keep beverage orders under $5.

Okay — on to the good stuff. Where & when to get your drink!

Tuesdays @ Methodical – Main Street location only!
Wednesdays @ Cohesive Coffee on Airport Road
Thursdays @ Modal on Augusta
Fridays @ Junto Coffee at Taylors Mill

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