for allies

Thanks for being a good neighbor! Contributing to Pride Tab is a great way to show your LGBTQ+ neighbors you care. Our rotating tabs are funded entirely by grassroots donations from folks like YOU! Without your help, this project would be impossible.

How to contribute?

  1. Donate to our ongoing Pride Tab. Donations are collected via CashApp, which you will need to download from the Apple Store or Google Play on your phone. Our CashApp user name is $PrideTabGVL — this is the account you will send funds to. (Need an old school way to donate? Email We take financial accountability very seriously. As such, both Cara and Farris have access to this CashApp account and will provide regular financial updates via Instagram.
  2. Consider becoming a recurring donor! One time gifts are great, but recurring donations help us keep this project going. Perhaps you can budget for a weekly or monthly donation? Perhaps every time you buy yourself coffee, you can send a Pride Tab donation along as well? Whatever works best for you!
  3. Take action. True allies get into the fight. To learn more about how you can stay connected, sign up below to receive our action alerts.

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